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Blue tea - Oolong des Moines

Blue tea - Oolong des Moines


Notes of roasted and smoked hazelnuts.

Blue tea -Oolong des Moines (Da Hong Pao) is a great Fujian specialty from the famous Wuyi Mountains region of China.

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    Blue tea - Oolong des Moines (Da Hong Pao) comes from the famous Wuyi Mountains region of China. The term blue tea is actually a name which designates a subfamily of semi-fermented (semi-oxidized) tea. The oxidation of the leaves is an extremely important and essential step in the manufacture of blue tea. Indeed, this will have an undeniable consequence on the taste but also on the appearance of the leaves.

    The benefits of blue tea :

    • Promotes better digestion / - Slimming.

    • Reduces cholesterol levels - Anti-stress

    • Antioxidant properties / - Anti-diabetes type 2

    Oolong des Moines - Da Hong Pao (大 红袍) means in Chinese, big red robe. The legendary name of this tea dates from the Ming dynasty (1368 - 1644). A candidate who was going to Beijing for an imperial competition suddenly fell ill while passing through the region of the Wuyi Mountains. He was healed after drinking a tea offered by the monk of the Wuyi temple. After winning the first prize, he visited the monk and had the tea plants covered with his red robe offered by the emperor as a token of thanks.

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