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Natural teas without additives

Pu'Erh_Perle noire
Pu'Erh_Perle noire
Thé rouge sauvage
Thé Jasmin
Thé blanc
THIERE 600ml et 6 coupes bis
Tasse à thé portable 1
5C porcelaine (7)
Figurine-moine de Shaolin
Figurine en Céramique - Bouddha
Plateau de thé-yuan
New arrivals

Master Shennon aims to transmit the culture and art of tea to you by offering different varieties of high-end tea as well as accessory products.

Our range of natural teas without additives meets the requirements of customers concerned with well-being.

“Tea lover, I highly recommend Shennon Tea products. They are of high quality and natural. Tastes sometimes surprising but always delicious. My favorite are the black pearls and the infusion of blond buckwheat seeds: I can't do without them! "

Sophie Mabardi

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