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White FUDING- Grand CRU

White FUDING- Grand CRU


Floral and vanilla notes.

It comes in a compact block of 150g

White FUDING- Grand CRU

Year 2018

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    FUDING white tea is China's most famous white tea. It is obtained from a particular and delicate technique of drying the leaves of the tea tree. It is slightly oxidized (micro-fermented) which allows it to retain all of its benefits. This tea is composed of buds or very young leaves that have barely hatched (explanation for its rarity). This tea has subtle and delicate aromas.


    • Antimutagenic activity.

    • Protects the cells of the body.

    • Lowers the level of glucose in the blood.

    • Prevention of tooth decay.

    • Ability to boost the immune system.

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